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CONCRETE ! the premier building material
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We are a local supplier of Ready-Mixed CONCRETE to the residential and construction trade. Our plant is located on Hwy 441 Tannery Rd. in Middlesboro, KY.
When it comes to Ready-Mixed Concrete we have participated in and provided a broad range of Mix-Designs.
If you are looking for Pump Mixes, High Strength Grouts or any other speciality mixes we can help!
No matter what your project, a Tunnel or Bridge to a footer mix we can provide it.
Our goal, to provide the best Concrete mix at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality.

Computerized Besser Appaco Plant
Front and Rear Discharge Trucks!!!

Phone:606-248-0551 Fax:606-248-0560

Federal and State approved source
ACI Technican's level 1 & II


P. O. Box 1310
Middleboro, Kentucky 40965-3110

Phone: 606-248-0551

Hours: 8:00 a.m. /5:00p.m.

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